Styleangel of April is ready for you

Hej Style Hunter

Styleangel of April is ready for you

Styleangel of April is ready for you. Det er helt utroligt den første herlige forårsmåned er ved at være gået og vi er rykket tættere på sommeren.

Styleangel of April is ready for you

Som altid når en måned er ved at være gået er det atter tid til at kigge på den kommende måneds hverdags stil inspiration.

Styleangel of April is ready for you

Jeg er så glad for min daglige lille styling hjælper. Det er så herligt at få et lille pift inspiration til min hverdags stil. Den lille styleangel hjælper mig med at udnytte indholdet i mit closet fuldt ud.

Styleangel of April is ready for you

Hjælper mig med at forny mine looks og sikre at jeg får anvendt alle items i mit closet – at jeg finder nye og stilfulde måder at sætte mine items sammen på.

Styleangel of April is ready for you

Hvis du lige som jeg synes at hverdags stylingen er svær og at du ofte kører i de samme looks, så kan min lille styleangel være lige hvad du har brug for.

Styleangel of April is ready for you

Uanset hvilken stilkerne du har kan du have glæde af den daglige stil inspiration. Du behøver ikke være lige så feminin i din stil som jeg er eller for den sags skyld lige så farvestrålende.

Styleangel of April is ready for you

Det er nemlig så smart at du bestemmer hvordan den daglige stilinspiration skal fortolket. Der er ingen rigtig eller forkert måde at fortolke dagens style prompt.

Styleangel of April is ready for you

Dagens style prompt skal blot hjælpe dig med at se på indholdet i dit Closet med friske øjne hver dag.

Styleangel of April is ready for you

Du ønskes happy styling samtidig med jeg glæder mig til vi ses igen.



English Translation

Hello Style Hunter

Style Angel of April is ready for you. It is unbelievable the first glorious spring month is almost gone and we have moved closer towards summer.

As always, once a month is almost gone, it is again time to look at the upcoming month’s everyday style inspiration.

I am so happy about my little daily styling help. It is so great to get a little oomph of inspiration to my everyday style. The little style angel helps me to exploit the content in my closet to the fullest.

Helps me to renew my looks and ensure that I all the items in my closet get used – that I find new and stylish ways to put my items together.

If you just as I think that every day styling is difficult and that you often run into the same looks, then my little angel style may be just what you need.

Whatever style core is yours, you are able to enjoy the daily style inspiration. You do not need to be as feminine in your style as I am, or for that matter just as colorful.

It is so smart that you determine how to interpret the daily style inspiration. There is no right or wrong way to use the daily style prompt.

The daily style prompt only help you to see the contents of your Closet with fresh eyes every day.

Wishing you happy styling while I look forward to see you again.


/ Angel

About AngelQueen

I love fashion and my style cores is feminine. If your style core isn't the feminine don't worry, because the are 6 style cores to choose from. I love to play with my style and I always try to find new ways to put my outfits together. I believe that fashion should be like a game - a fun game where I try new looks and still remains true to my style core. Besides fashion is a breeze, I also think it should be festive, so I give my styleing max speed - in my universe, every day is a celebration of life. If you love fashion, I hope you will love my blog and find inspiration for your fun with the fashion games. I wish you welcome to my blog and wish you a lot of fun. ILYG

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