Work on the blog

Hej Style Hunter

Work on the blog

Jeg er nødt til at udføre vedligeholdelse på bloggen hvilket betyder bloggen i morgen kan være lidt ustabil og eller helt utilgængelig.

Work on the blog

Jeg håber du vil bære over med dette og tjekke ind på bloggen igen senere.

Work on the blog

Jeg lover dig jeg arbejder så hurtigt som jeg overhovedet kan.

Work on the blog

Tak for din forståelse, jeg glæder mig til vi ses igen.






English Translation


Hi Style Hunter


I have to do maintenance on the blog which means it that tomorrow the blog be a bit unstable and or completely unavailable.


I hope you will bear with this and go back on the blog later.


I promise you I work as fast as I can.


Thank you for your understanding, I look forward to seeing you again.




/ Angel




About AngelQueen

I love fashion and my style cores is feminine. If your style core isn't the feminine don't worry, because the are 6 style cores to choose from. I love to play with my style and I always try to find new ways to put my outfits together. I believe that fashion should be like a game - a fun game where I try new looks and still remains true to my style core. Besides fashion is a breeze, I also think it should be festive, so I give my styleing max speed - in my universe, every day is a celebration of life. If you love fashion, I hope you will love my blog and find inspiration for your fun with the fashion games. I wish you welcome to my blog and wish you a lot of fun. ILYG

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